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Performance Automation - Machine Vision Experience

Automatic Defect Detection

Client: A Manufacturer of Precision Optics (Fortune 100 Company)

Automatic Defect Detection - Precision Optics Integration

Technologies Integrated
  • National Instruments LabVIEW HMI
  • National Instruments Vision Builder for Automated Inspections software
  • (2) Basler high resolution color Firewire cameras
  • Oriental Motor stepping motors with 5 axis motion control
automatic defect detection

Our customer processes a sheet of polarized film that had been cut into small pieces (chips). The most common chip size is a square 10mm x 10mm. Before cutting the sheet an operator visually checks the uncut sheet for defects. The operator had five (5) categories of defects to check for on each sheet. The defects on each sheet are physically marked by using five colored permanent marking pens. After cutting the sheet, the film chips are visually checked again, and the unmarked chips are set aside in stacks of fifty (50). The marked chips are considered scrap. This was a 100% manual process prior to engaging Performance Automation.

inspection automation glass

Automated 3D Inspection

Client: Automotive Electrical Connector Manufacturer

Automated 3D Inspection - Automotive Parts

Technologies Integrated
  • National Instruments Compact Vision System (CVS) and Vision Builder for Automated Inspections software (VBAI)
  • High resolution monochrome Firewire camera

Our client currently uses multiple laser sensors to inspect dimensional quality of formed electrical terminals. The discrete laser sensors have proven unreliable. Performance Automation was contracted to retrofit the existing inspection system with machine vision.

automated batching

Automated Batch Solution

Client: Industrial Weighing and Batching System Manufacturer

Automated Batch Solution - Industrial Manufacturer

Technologies Integrated
  • Wago 750-841 Programmable Fieldbus Controller using Ethernet I/P and TCP/IP
  • Monitouch HMI
  • Mettler Qi Batch Controller

Our client indentified a market need for a field configurable batch executive with recipe management. In many small to medium sized batch control applications (e.g. filling, formulation, blending and batching), the size of the application coupled with tight financial and time constraints often prohibits the implementation of a conventional workstation or server based batch control solution. When confronted by these smaller applications, some batch manufacturers tried to get around the problem by hard coding recipes either in PLC controllers or by using ASA’s (Application Specific Appliances) such as weigh batch controllers. A market need for a configurable batch executive with recipe management needed to be addressed.

Automated Color Inspection

Client: Food Processor

Automated Color Inspection - Produce Ripeness

Technologies Integrated
  • Custom C# programming.
  • USB high resolution color camera.
  • Engineered battery powered LED lighting.
  • Portable light controlled enclosure.

Our client wished to inspect a botanical product found only outside of the USA. Based on its current stage of natural development, it cannot be returned to the United States until processed. Therefore, in order to properly analyze the product accurately, an image capture and base analysis must be done in the field. This prototype inspection system focused on analyzing color variations on the entire product. The technology Performance Automation (PA) applied to this prototype system has the ability to expand analysis measurements to other parameters such as size, shape, location and range of color.

Automated Package Verification

Client: A Printing Company

Technologies and System Integrated
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Custom C# application
  • Custom UV lighting designed by PA

Our client, a manufacturer of printed cards, requires accurate counts of up to 8 decks of cards, randomly shuffled and placed into a single box. It is important that just prior to the box being sealed, that there be 100% inspection of the 8-deck box to validate that the exact number of cards will be packaged. The inspection required viewing the decks from the edge as they are sandwiched together within the box. PA overcame previously unknown raw material issues and developed a custom algorithm, and developed custom LED lighting.

Automated High Volume Inspection

Client: Pharmaceutical Application

Technologies and System Integrated
  • Integrated 6 Cognex In-Sight Systems

Our client, a manufacturer of blister packed medial instruments, required verification that all correct instruments were packaged correctly. Inspections also included lot code / date code with OCR tools. The inspection rate was 500 packs per minute. This application also included LabVIEW developed HMI screens.

Part Inspection Automation

Client: Automotive Application

Technologies and System Integrated
  • Cognex In-Sight

Our client required inspection of an automotive wheel rim for the presence of welds. This verified that the inner rim was properly welded. The wheel was presented to the Cognex In-Sight on a rotating pedestal using an encoder for a known position. As the wheel turned, the Cognex In-Sight inspected for weld locations and proper weld length.

Automatic Size Detection

Client: General Manufacturing

Technologies and System Integrated
  • Two DVT cameras.

Our client needed to measure the length of ceramic “logs” that were later made into catalytic converters. A DVT camera system was used at each end, and used to calculate the total length of the inspection item.