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Successful Machine Vision Integrations are a result of EXPERIENCE.

Performance Automation company specializes in Machine Vision Inspection Automation system integrations and SCADA software and Data Acquisition to improve quality control in manufacturing processes.

Machine Vision Component Experience

Only by integrating the most ideal combination of Machine Vision components can the best possible system be created. The hallmark of a well integrated system is one that can perform its task rapidly, repeatedly and reliably. However, the great variance and types of technologies and products on the market is overwhelming. Integration is optimal when performed by Machine Vision Technology experts with extensive experience with a proven history of successful machine vision integrations.

Machine Vision Project Experience

The Performance Automation Project Team has a combined 30 plus years experience with Machine Vision and Integration. Performance Automation has the knowledge and experience with machine vision hardware, cameras, lenses, and filters to properly design a robust integrated system.

Our Machine Vision Projects include optical character recognition and verification, data matrix decoding and grading, gauging, color analysis, feature presence/absence, classify and sort, quality control, and robotic guidance.

Integration Experience

Our experience also extends to Graphic User Interface screens and data acquisition. Our applications have been used in Research and Development departments and manufacturing environments. Machine Vision can also be used with data acquisition to further automate production lines for automation improvements and quality results.

National Instruments Cognex

LabVIEW Certified by National Instruments

Performance Automation has an experience staff of LabVIEW programmers who have achieved Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) status. They have broad experience in applications involving machine vision, motion, data management, etc. Performance Automation is the leading machine vision integrator for National Instruments in the Mid-West region.

Performance Automation Delivers

The GOAL of Performance Automation is to deliver a Machine Vision Solution that meets your requirements, meets them on time while making sure that your operators and service personnel understand how to operate and maintain the equipment when we complete the installation.

Performance Automation’s staff is passionate about Machine Vision. We are skilled and knowledgeable at “putting it all together” with best in class components that are industry proven.

Repeat business with our valued customers is the way Performance Automation measures our success. Our customers have honored us by regularly asking us back to help them with Machine Vision challenges. Contact Performance Automation today so we can discuss how we can assist you with your Machine Vision integration.