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Mitsubishi Electric US has chosen Performance Automation, Inc. as an authorized system integrator for its Contact Image Sensor (CIS) line scan camera, and sales agent, in North America. Performance Automation, Inc. has over five years of industry leading experience in the specification, integration and application of Contact Image Sensor (CIS) camera products. CIS technology provides a good alternative to line-scan cameras, particularly in applications where flat materials need to be inspected and where the available space does not allow the use of other technologies.

Mitsubishi CIS Line Scan Cameras – KD Series and KD-CX Series (CoaXpress)

CIS line scan cameras provide an economical option to conventional line-scan cameras, allowing high image data rates and offering high light sensitivity. CIS cameras can also offer an economical solution where multiple line scan cameras have traditionally been used. These cameras incorporate linear scanning line and a light source in one compact package. A 1:1 image of the object is created without the distortion commonly found when using conventional lenses. CIS line scan cameras use technology similar to what is found in scanners and photocopies.

CIS line scan camera uses Camera Link interface, and is frame grabber independent. CIS line scan cameras are supported by all major frame grabber manufacturers : National Instruments, Cognex, Dalsa, Matrox and others.

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KD Series

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